Holiday in Hot Zone 16

I came up with this story after reading a newspaper article on poverty tourism.  I was intrigued by the idea that people would pay to travel to third-world countries and sightsee among the less fortunate.  Then I thought, what would war tourism be like?  I wrote “Holiday in Hot Zone 16” to answer this question.

The story was originally published  at  An reviewer described it as “a brutal satire”:!376226/war-tourism-in-a-flying-bus  It’s now a free download at .

Note:  It’s war.  It’s bloody.  It’s graphic.  I warned you.

Bingo’s Luck

Bingo’s Luck

I’ve written several stories about the unexpected results of the Hermes Project, my fictitional government initiative to breed supersensitive canines with supernatural abilities.  “Bingo’s Luck” is one of my few attempts at humor.  It was so much fun, I may have to write another story about Bingo.

I invite you to download “Bingo’s Luck” and take a look.  Just click on that link up there.  It’s a freebie, to thank you for visiting this site.

“Bingo’s Luck” was originally published at

Silver’s Treason – synopsis

Caught in the crossfire between paramilitaries, drug dealers, rebel guerrillas, and the Colombian Army, US Army Private Jeff Thompson and Silver, his K9 companion, are forced to make their way through the jungles of southwestern Colombia to rescue a drug lord’s daughter held captive by rebel guerrillas.  Silver, the product of a decades-old breeding project overseen by the American military, possesses supernatural abilities that are barely under her control.  When Jeff is surprised by a payoff from the drug lord and seduced by his beautiful daughter, the US Army believes he has gone over to the other side and sends a Retrieval Team after him, with a powerful dog of its own.

Silver’s Treason – Cover Art

Cover art for my novel, due out in June 2011 from Damnation Books.