Silver’s Treason at Damnation Books

Here is the publisher’s information for Silver’s Treason



About Clifford W. Dunbar
I work in the IT field during the day, and teach some college courses in the evening. In my copious spare time, I write.

4 Responses to Silver’s Treason at Damnation Books

  1. joe staelens says:

    Silver’s Treason was a real treat. Clifford Dunbar has won a new fan. The way he uses his words truly transports the reader into the Colombian jungle. It was an easy and enjoyable read. Clifford has brought his characters together in such a way that keeps the reader wanting more,

    I look forward to reading more books from him in the future.

    Thanks Clifford for a fun read,

    Joe Staelens
    ( from artwalk hlywd )

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