Speaking with a Congresswoman about Silver’s Treason

International Assistance Dog Week, August 3-11

“International Assistance Dog Week” is coming up fast:  August 5-11.  Check the web page at http://www.assistancedogweek.org/ if you don’t believe me.  I would like to participate, and I would like to engage you in the process.
I would like to share my book Silver’s Treason with you.  Are you interested?  Good!  It’s easy! All you have to do is Like me on FaceBook.  My author page is http://facebook.com/cliffordwdunbar.  Like my page and/or anything on it.  Like anything I’ve posted or will post between now and August 11 (the end of Assistance Dog Week).
On the 12th, I’ll do a random sort in Excel to choose one winner per every 50 people who Liked me.  You can Like me all you want, and I encourage you to Like me a lot, but my choice will be based on number of individuals, not number of Likes.  I’ll email the winners privately for address information (US and Canada only please), sign the books, and take a trip to the post office shortly thereafter. But wait, there’s more!
I want you to leave your comments, too.  I want to hear from you so badly, I’ll even pay for the privilege.  I’ll give a dollar to http://www.assistancedogsinternational.org/ for every comment you leave (up to a max of $100, at least until I get my movie deal).
So … how do you Like me now?  😉