Silver’s Treason – synopsis

Caught in the crossfire between paramilitaries, drug dealers, rebel guerrillas, and the Colombian Army, US Army Private Jeff Thompson and Silver, his K9 companion, are forced to make their way through the jungles of southwestern Colombia to rescue a drug lord’s daughter held captive by rebel guerrillas.  Silver, the product of a decades-old breeding project overseen by the American military, possesses supernatural abilities that are barely under her control.  When Jeff is surprised by a payoff from the drug lord and seduced by his beautiful daughter, the US Army believes he has gone over to the other side and sends a Retrieval Team after him, with a powerful dog of its own.

About Clifford W. Dunbar
I work in the IT field during the day, and teach some college courses in the evening. In my copious spare time, I write.

One Response to Silver’s Treason – synopsis

  1. Arlene Allen says:

    Hi Mr. Dunbar,

    I am (one of) the librarians you met at Supercon a few weeks ago. I am tryin to get your book catalogued into our Broward system and I need to find professional reviews (Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, Library Journal, etc). I think the book is very worthwhile and would hate to have it entered as an uncatalogued paperback, put into a special collection or donated to our Friends group.

    I hope you can help me out. You can also help all libraries by contacting BRODART – they handle our selections and do all cataloging and process for us centrally. You can email them at title request

    Or call them at 800.474.9816. If they pick up your book it would be easy to purchase more cataloged copies. In the meantime I am hanging on to your book and keeping my fingers crossed you can get in with Brodart, and send copies to Publisher’s Weekly or Booklist or Kirkus to be reviewed professionally.

    I think your book is on a timely and not really discussed topic and we could use it in the library. I also know Adam Troy-Castro and his wife Judi. Judi and I were friends for many years. I don’t get to SFSFS meetings that much anymore as I so rarely went into Miami and I just stopped getting notices…..if SFSF still exists at all…

    Yours most sincerely,
    Arlene Allen
    Broward County LIbrary
    Collection Management

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